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Ecolog Firelog - The ecological and environmentally friendly fire log


Ecolog Firelog


Cosy Atmosphere

Start your fire in seconds and enjoy it for about 2 hours.


Ecological Fire Log

Stems and leaves from Greek cotton plants. Emissions only a fraction of conventional wood.


 Easy to use

Light to carry. Place it in the fireplace and light two corners.




Ecolog Firelog - The convenient and environmentally friendly fire log for all types of stoves and fireplaces.

Easy to carry home and burns nicely for about 2 hours.



Ecolog has an appealing packaging with an ecological profile. It is easy to sell, distribute and for the consumer to carry home.


Ecolog is a superior quality fire log product that is made from small pieces of stems and leaves of Greek cotton plants, mixed with pure high quality paraffin wax - the same as used in normal candles we burn at home. It burns with a warm and nice flame, which lasts for a long time.


Ecolog has been patented based on its pure and unconventional biomass and the innovative production method that we have developed. More  






Environmentally friendly and the natural choice for a cosy fire  




The emissions from Ecolog fire log are a fraction of those of conventional wood, why it is a natural choice for today's environmentally friendly consumers. More  


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